Why we need an Intelligent Personal Robot?

Why we need an Intelligent Personal Robot?


General-purpose Robots are still part of Science Fiction because:

  • they are expensive
  • they aren’t a mass products  
  • there is no a market for standardized software distribution for robots.

As a result we miss a lot of possibilities for:

  • robots in education as a teacher helpers and STEM research target
  • robots at home as kid’s animators
  • personal assistants and telepresence avatars
  • robots as a talk-mate for single elder people
  • robots as storefront consultants
  • robots as a market for independent software developers and sellers
  • and much more…



We propose to build the Robotics Platform – not the single Robot with rigid body and algorithms. We propose to set-up this new wide-accessible Platform on basis of:

  • ecosystem of Android apps for purpose of Robot’s brain
  • existing LEGO Mindstorm bricks as a backbone chunks
  • existing LEGO technic parts and motors as a Robot’s body
  • open source code for SDK and code samples.

This will give us the following fantastic possibilities:

  • wide community of innovators will generate zillions of new ideas; community have to shape ELFi’s desired view and behavior
  • Android and Mobile developers will have a low barrier to jump to new development platform – for Robots
  • All kids connecting Lego bricks become a mechanical engineers and Robot Makers


General Picture

Our startup connected people from different IT epics. Elder of us remember a programmable calculators and computers without Operating System. Our youngest members are considering Tablets as a most natural form of Computer.

Most interesting fact is transformation of Computers in direction of mobility. Just think about this sequence:

  1. Big Mainframes and Business Machines
  2. Personal Computers
  3. Laptops
  4. Smartphones and Tablets
  5. Personal Robots???

Basicly Personal Robot is just  the next view of Tablet or Smartphone – with ability to move.
We’re going to a new dimension with huge possibilities and useful applications.

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