Fire Aware Home Robot

Fire Aware Home Robot

We have to make ELFi and all Home Robots a Fire Aware robots.

How to modify robot’s behavior?

Phase 0. Before fire. (current prototype)
*Collect facts for its AI to be critical to defend people during fire
*Collect perception data to recognize Fire itself if Fire Alarm system is broken or not yet detected Fire
*Remind Family about fire drills and collect retrospectives

Phase 1. Fire. Save the people. (current prototype)
*Find people and recommend the best way out.

Phase 2. FireFighter Avatar (current prototype)
*Become semi­-autonomous robot patrolling the Home at fire. Perform spoken commands or transmit direct control Avatar­-stile to Fire Fighters.

Further development. Active FireFighter. (next prototype)
*Use CO2 mini reservoir to fight with fire in critical places

Our solution: provide a prototype of home robot aware of Fire ­ ELFi FireCube Model I.



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