ELFi works in mode of educational system. He plays two roles simultaneously:

  • asistant of the coach in robotics
  • object of investigation and experiments.



Services of this character:

  • tracking of learning path and issues
  • calendar of labs
  • technical support
  • remote access to Development Environment and ELFi’s brain
  • publishing of milestones accomplishment in social networks
  • score points and rating among all registered robot makers


  1. Interesting project

  2. Have you thought about changing the voice?

    • Thank you very much for your comments. Currently we’re concentrating on 2-targets hunting: indoor navigation (it’s really hard stuff because low-cost Android phones have no enough sensors – but we want ANY Android to be able to act as a Brain) and open algorithmic framework so that anyone can inject their code into ELFi software. For sure we’ll back and refine many of raw solutions (including voice) in some future time

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