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ELFiX is the first Android based Operating System and Cloud for rapid development and support for Service Robots

In the depth, ELFiX’s thinking/acting components are connectted a-la neurons usnig simple sence-act reflexes. The componets are simple android apps or containerized python apps listening to and throwing impulses processed by «local brain». Local brains are connected together into smart network using Message Queues like RabbitMQ or popular XMPP carriers like Slack, Telegram, FB messenger or Skype.

About project ELFiX


ELFiX Cloud is a Robot as a Service Platform. It has integrations with popular messengers like Slack as well as solid established MQ implementations like RabbitMQ and Kafka.

ELFiX provides both cloud hosting and pre-existing components of a typical service robot: Speech Recognition (offline/online), Face Recognition (offline/onlie), Arduino/Android bridge, Andoid based Robotic OS and more. Cloud Fleet managment allows remote maintainance, logs and telemetry searches.

It allows to add any existing web-based API to a robot’s behavour and AI. It allows to integrate robot with any device or IoT component.

Graceful Degradation scenarios allow to keep robot operating even offline and in noisy enviroment.
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Our history

Wolves summit – Warsaw, Poland

2018, April

Global Educational Supplies & Solutions – Dubai, UAE

2018, February

What People say

“Mark Drobnych, a young Ukrainian innovator, semi-finalists of the Google Science Fair, has realized every mothers’ dreams: clean his room and recycle his Lego bricks. With them, he created ELFi, a home-made robot with a face recognition system and the ability to detect speechs. Connecting ELFi to Android and EV3, Mark has a lot of possibilities to develop and improve his little companion in the future.”

“Un robot Lego en Open Source Au milieu des stands, le petit robot Elfi. Réalisé à partir de briques de Lego, il a été imaginé par Mark Drobnych, un jeune ukrainien de 13 ans finaliste du Google Science Fair 2014. Selon son créateur, Elfi sait parler (il connaît pour le moment une centaine de phrases). Il peut également interagir avec des enfants ou jouer avec des chats. Afin de doter Elfi de nouvelles fonctionnalités, Mark Drobnych a lancé le projet RobotMarket, une sorte de Google Play pour robots. Les développeurs sont ainsi invités à reproduire Elfi grâce au logiciel Core, disponible en Open Source, pour tester les nouvelles applications qu’ils souhaitent développer. “

News about Google Science Fair 2014 global finalist: “Mark Drobnych, 13, of Uzhgorod, Ukraine used a LEGO Mindstorms kit to create a microscope with two lenses and four glass slide holders that teachers can use to show students a variety of images on a projection screen. A Web cam enables schools around the world to compare images and results. He came up with the idea after watching his science teacher run between desks as she tried to help each student properly set up his or her experiment. He said his invention can also benefit schools that don’t have enough money to supply each child with a microscope.”

“Drobnych got his first Lego blocks when he was 3. Eleven years later, at 14, he has already won the Ukrainian Lego Festival Robotica – twice. He also has used Legos to build a remote-controlled microscope for presentations, a project that has earned him a finalist position in the 13-14 age group in the Google Science Fair (GSF). Drobnych may enjoy getting lost in his technological developments – in addition to his microscope, he is currently working on a robotic system that would enable smart positioning of solar batteries to increase energy collection – but he also takes time out to play the saxophone and hike in the Carpathian mountains near his home.”

Awards the winners of Intel ISEF Ukraine 2015.

Beautiful presentation of ELFi on Ukrainian news channel.

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