Mistery Signals (episode 1, part 1): LEGO + Arduino Robotics

This is the first episode of an unusual series of educational video lessons about robotics by Mark Drobnych. You will see how to build the Morse machine using afordable Arduino microcontrollers quickly and with a lot of fun. This episode does not require any prior knowledge in Electronics, Programming and Physics. If you you have[…]


ELFi Robotics was on WRO2015 in QATAR!!!

Mark and ELFi were guests of World Robotic Olympiad 2015 in Doha, capital of fabulous Qatar! ELFi is talking with kids. Most popular parts of presentation: fighting, dancing and “Toreador Mode”. Mark is SOOO proud to be in fantastic team of Mindstorms Experts who are: Marc-Andre Bazergui with his LEGO 3D Printer, legendary R2-D2 and EV3LIN:[…]


Why we need an Intelligent Personal Robot?

Problem General-purpose Robots are still part of Science Fiction because: they are expensive they aren’t a mass products   there is no a market for standardized software distribution for robots. As a result we miss a lot of possibilities for: robots in education as a teacher helpers and STEM research target robots at home as[…]